Master the Power Of LinkedIn for Your Business

Accelerate your business development and dramatically increase the number of your ideal target clients demanding your services | taught by Inga Ezera
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Inga Ezera
Inga Ezera
Personal Branding Strategist

About the instructor

I'm an empowering and inspirational Personal Branding Strategist & Partner. I help ambitious and dedicated professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs like yourself unlock their highest aspirations, think bigger, get crystal clear clarity and success strategies to achieve their ambitions and sky rocket their career and business quicker, smarter and bolder. 

In my business and entrepreneurship coaching practice I have seen –  when professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs develop their personal brand, they obtain crystal clear clarity on what it is that they actually want for their current or next role, how they can best contribute, what job or business would excite them and make success come naturally with less struggle. 

I’m dedicated to inspire you to think bigger and empower you to achieve where anyhing is possible.


Are you ready to get more leads, prospects and paying clients through mastering the power of social networks, particularly LinkedIn?

Are you done with having heard that there is this magic opportunity, but have  never truly understood how it really works and how  successful business owners master it?

Have you been wondering - why do some people come out of nowhere and skyrocket to the top of their industry… while others struggle for years and years?

It’s not necessarily because they’re the best at what they do…

What’s the secret? They know how to spread their message and get it in front of larger and larger audiences. They have mastered the power of social networks for their business. I’m talking about results generating visibility and impact strategies.

Through its 400M+ members, 7.2M+ companies and 2M+ group conversations, LinkedIn provides unprecedented means to accelerate your brand and impact to generate business opportunities and turn  prospects into buying customers.

If you are not massively benefiting from this, you are doing something wrong. Or not doing something that can actually skyrocket your business and bring you customer streams  – locally or globally. This works both for one to one service businesses as well as one to many service or corporate businesses.

But how do you  get that visibility and impact and skyrocket it, if you’re not sure how to master it on LinkedIn? Let me give you a proven formula that works, so you can land those high-profile opportunities.


The course will last roughly 6 weeks if you take it step by step – one step per week, its 2,5 h materia.l  It requires 1-1,5 hours of your training and action taking time per week. Only about 15 mins per day! And - if you put in your time and effort, you are guaranteed to succeed. Of course – if you are aiming for consistent and impactful results, after finishing the course, you will want to continuously master it  and watch your opportunities skyrocket, because now, you know how its done.


You will stop wondering how others make succeed , and start a step-by-step discovery  and implementing the impactful strategies and tactics for yourself and your business.

You will learn  using easy-to-follow video teachings, hands-on activities, and  insights on how to get your brand out there, dominate your niche by the value you deliver and how to have your ideal target clients coming to you constantly and continuously.

There are 5 modules, filled with insights and practical application strategies and action points – easy to implement, when you know how.

Our Master the Power of LinkedIn methodology is tried, tested, and guaranteed to work. Enjoy!


It’s a totally different strategic LinkedIn impact course that will change your perspective of possibilities and rock your business exponentially. You will discover how to master the power of LinkedIn to accelerate your business development and dramatically increase the number of target clients demanding your services.

I am sharing my impact formula on how to enhance your personal brand, thought leadership and visibility on LinkedIn and rock your business results with customers finding you, coming to you themselves and requesting your services!

This is definitely for you if you want to:

  • Make more money utilizing the power of social media/online
  • Stop trading your time for 1:1 meetings and get exponential exposure and visibility
  • Reach more people with your message and attract your ideal clients
  • Go from reaching 1:1 to 1:1000s
  • Focus on the work you love
  • Build your social media following with your target audience
  • Grow a list of raving fans and repeat buyers
  • Learn how to build a killer profile that attracts your ideal clients
  • Expand your business through purposeful and impactful networking
  • Ensure your thought leadership to dominate your niche
  • Do all this in less time, with less stress and with a proven impact formula


I’m always  sad to see  talented business owners lose clients and customers, not because of their skills, knowledge or expertise, but because of inconsistency in their brand messaging and not utilising the latest  trends  to reach a wider audience of ideal clients.

So do you really want to stay where you are currently with your business and not utilise the impactful and strategic approaches to expand our visibility and impact, outreach your competition and get your ideal customers lining up to request your services?

Do you want your ideal clients to go to competitors just because they are not aware or not sure about your services and how you can best help them?

Or do you want to ensure that you have mastered the impactful Power of LinkedIn to dominate your niche with your thought leadership, outreach your competition and ensure your ideal clients know, like and trust that you are the one whos services they need?

I’m excited about the opportunities that mastering LinkedIn strategically for business has given me, I hope you will get that sense of excitement very soon – as soon as you will implement the strategies and action points of this course. Come on in!  

Course Contents

12 Videos
1 Quiz
8 PDFs
2.5 hrs

Course Curriculum